Freedom Alert from LogicMark (US)

logicmark 2-way emergency pendant

Launched just yesterday, a “programmable, two-way, voice emergency pendant communicator” for a one-time cost and no monthly fees. Be one of the first to read the Freedom Alert details on the LogicMark website.

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  1. LogicMark device
    This looks like a nice device. HOWEVER, the manufacturers have hard-code the number 911 into these during the manufacturing process and it’s not programmed for the new 869Mhz frequency preferred in Europe. They’ll change this for you if you order 10,000 units!!! It’s a shame as I really like the concept of the device.

  2. bought one for my mom in law
    Bought this for my mom in law. Great product. No fees and really small. She lives alone and it makes me feel safer. Good job.

  3. Freedom Alert 869Mhz
    The 869Mhz band is limited to 10mW and does not allow 100% duty cycle. So no voice is allowed in that part of the spectrum. And as for the comment that theirs is the first with a voice pendant this is incorrect.

  4. LogiMark device

    Thanks for that Gordon, I was unaware of the limitations of the 869 Mhz band. Everyone keeps going on about how telecare equipment should now be operating in this band.

    I’m still not impressed with them hard coding 911 as the emergency contact number though, as this is of no use in the UK! We aren’t supposed to route directly to the emergency services but to an alarm receiving centre etc.

  5. FreedomAlert dialing

    Good news regarding the ‘hard coding’ of 911.

    There is a programmable option which allows the user to change the ‘911’ number at the end of the list of other programmed numbers that are called first to be its own programmed number – up to 16 digits long (including pauses). And the user can program the unit to only call the programmed numbers of family and friends if they choose.

  6. Freedom Alert does not have the limitations mentioned about 911
    This is an awesome product. I am not sure what the earlier post was talking about 911 being hard coded. You can have the system call 911 if you want to but more important you can have it call other numbers only and never dial 911 if want to also. This is great. I love mine. I bought it at [promotional url deleted: Ed]

  7. Further to Freedom Alert does not have…
    If you don’t understand the issue, Ray, re-read the post two above yours.

  8. Freedom Alert
    My name is Ronnie, and I have heard a few things about this item: [Ronnie, if you can substantiate your allegations or cite the source of your information, I may post your comments. Email me in confidence if necessary]

  9. Freedom Alert
    I have had some dealings with this product. It’s a great product. My father has one and loves it. With the new design of the battery top and range it really works great. I like the product so much I became a distrubtor and added it to my line of security products. There is a great video out now that really explains things. A little long, but well worth it. Check it out at thanks

  10. Freedom Alert
    I have put several church member on home devices similar to this. I wish you had a preprogrammed message and I think it is stupid that the responder has to remember to push “5” instead of just being able to hear a message taped that the person needs help and their address. It is much larger than the other pendents and actually works like a walky talky instead of a life saving device I like radio shacks phone with pendent better.

  11. Freedom Alert reply

    Reply to previous post from Barbara

    This unit works like we want it to. If the person is in the other end of the house, or the garage, with the other units the person dare not use the button, or the 911 people will have to kick the door in, or will they?

    The Freedom Alert is two way, so we can talk and see what’s wrong. The “5” is exactly what is needed so that if the unit gets voice mail or no answer, it will be able to go to the next person on the list or 911. I am ordering one of these now.

    I think everything you said about this unit is good. If the person has no helpers in the area, and will only push the button if they are wanting an ambulance, then buy something else. By the way, this unit can even answer an incoming call. Try that with your pendants.

    By the way, the same company makes a Guardian Alert 911 that does the pendant to call 911 only function, if that’s what you want.  Cheaper, too.

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