Five tech areas benefiting from ACA upheld (US)

David Lee Scher, MD proposes that five technology areas will benefit from the current US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) greenlighting of the Accountable Care Act (ACA):  informatics, mobile apps, telemedicine (virtual consults), peer-to-peer healthcare social networking and (drumroll) remote monitoring (telehealth and text/SMS).  As Dr. Scher concludes, the pressure is now on to develop, approve and adopt technology. This very well could be the outcome  no matter what happens (including a restructuring of ACA by a post-November US President and Congress), but there’s factors called 50 US states (all of which approve healthcare payment and delivery), the Five Big Questions (now expanded)* and technologies starving for funding.  See comments below the article, especially the first (read bottom up) is not a top down task. (Disclosure: deetelecare is Editor Donna) Companies selling these 5 technologies should like the Obamacare ruling (MedCityNews)

* The Four Big Questions (FBQs)–who pays, how much, who’s looking at the data, who’s actioning it–are now Five–integrating the data into patient records, in presumably an accessible and effective way.