How will FDA 510(k) clearance for RTX3371 affect Tunstall's relationship with Intel?

Tunstall re-launches the RTX monitor in the US, with the announcement of the FDA clearance. Tunstall press release. For some perspective, read the blog post Seems 2G is enough for telehealth hubs – but do not miss the comment by David Doherty, of 3G Doctor.

Tunstall, in the terms of its acquisition of the RTX brand last year has to pay the RTX parent company a percentage of what it makes from exploiting it in future. This announcement implies that Tunstall is moving ahead with the RTX, so the RTX Group’s Board must be feeling slightly relieved that the additional returns they were expecting will not just evaporate – surely a concern when Tunstall UK became a ‘channel partner’ for Intel’s Health Guide a few months later.

Tunstall, which appears to have lost interest its relationship with Honeywell from 2005 (or is it the other way around?) must, therefore, have a dilemma about whether to promote the Intel Health Guide, where the big marketing momentum is, or to promote its competing, potentially more flexible and advanced RTX-based systems, where it will have to go it alone and market into the same space as Intel/GE.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.