EpiLert a step closer to production at last (Israel)

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Since news of the epilepsy seizure sensing EpiLert project ‘leaked out’ in 2007 it’s the thing for which I (Ed Steve) have had most requests for information about from members of the public. However, it was impossible to get news on progress from the Israeli developers – poor website and no response to emails – but now the BioLert company has announced the successful results of a clinical study carried out at the New York University and Sourasky medical centers which confirms that EpiLert is able to transmit alert signals of epileptic seizures without sending false alarms. The company is now looking for funding to help bring the device to market. That should be no problem if the EpiLert is as accurate as reported. Swift help for epilepsy. (Report and pictures from Israel21c.) BioLert website. Thanks to Boaz from Aerotel for the item alert.