When your 'protected health information' isn't

as required, provided a physician’s letter. Despite assurances of confidentiality, her EHR was accessed by her own co-workers–under orders from other executives–and her history of (managed) depression was revealed.  Upon her return from leave, she was fired despite years of excellent performance reviews.  Which leads to certain conclusions:  1) mental illness, no matter how well managed, is stigmatized; 2) don’t get treated in the system where you work; 3) HIPAA is not worth a hill of beans in a court of law (the article states that ‘don’t bother’ was the legal advice).  When EHRs can be shared across systems, insurers, employers and locations, will there be any shred of confidentiality left?  For anyone?  [Personal note:  Ed. Donna’s brother is a psychiatrist and all of these issues are hot buttons to him.] This is a pointer to the future that no one needs.  Comments requested!  CIO fired after others may have accessed her EHR.