eCare engenders paranoia

We never saw items like the following before the FCC started using ‘eCare’: terms such as ‘eHealth’, ‘telehealth’ or ‘mHealth’ just didn’t seem to hit the paranoia nerve that seems to run through a large number of US citizens. My theory is that ‘eCare’ just has too close a resonance with the last two syllables of ‘Medicare’. [Ed. Steve]

First there’s an out-and-out rant about the medication capsules (TA report) that can track whether they have been swallowed: Big Govt. to force ‘E-care’ on citizens in event of false-flag? And second, A weasely little comment at the end of an otherwise ‘pro’ telehealth item E-Care: Doctor Visits by Broadband? It reads “However, we must be careful to monitor it as closely as it will be monitoring us.” Eh?

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  1. Lunatic fringe – ‘E-care’ bad, ‘Telehealth’ good

    When I saw that RFID, GPS Technology and Electronic Surveillance was the title of an item on The Lamb Slain’s blog A New World Order Out of Chaos I fully expected another anti-US Government rant against intrusive nature of telehealth technology as seen in the above mentioned e-care items. However, it turns out to be a pro-telehealth piece reproduced from SingularityHub.

    I guess that when it comes to the lunatic fringe (defined by Princeton WordNetWeb as “a political unit with extreme and fanatical views”) sympathizers have a wide range of opinion from which to choose.

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