Dyna-Vision iPhone telemedicine application for heart problems

A new product launched by the Dutch TechMedic company and ‘adopted’ by the communications provider T-mobile, the Dyna-Vision is a “small and portable device, with the dimensions of a PDA…monitors up-to 10 clinical parameters through non-invasive sensors attached to the skin. The measurements include 12-lead ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, RR-times, Respiration, Plethysmogram, Oxygen Saturation and some derived parameters…equipped with an internal GPRS module which automatically transmits the recordings to the secure Dyna-Vision server. Physicians can connect to this server with a computer to analyze the recordings or to monitor real-time vital signs of the patient.” according to the press release.

This item reminds me that Cambridge Wireless had a Special Interest Group meeting hosted by Mircrosoft Research last week to explore “the exciting hypothesis that a new lifestyle revolution in wireless personal video devices is fast opening up, with the mobile phone supremely placed to be the device of choice for consumption of all forms of video on the go.” Some of the industry’s heavy-hitters attended including Sagentia, Qualcomm, TTP Group, Motorola, T-Mobile, and Alcatel Lucent.

Don’t think it’s not coming…