Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm review

The new Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm is very much aimed at older people. Here is a three-page review from Register Hardware, which concludes “we probably all know someone who could benefit from such a mobile. The Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm is a finely wrought, deceptively simple phone for older or dexterously challenged folk that does exactly what it needs to and absolutely no more. It’s not cool, but it’s supremely easy to use, lightweight, and has that clever emergency function. Read the full review.

doro phoneeasy

Thanks to reader David Carter for the heads-up on this item.

2 thoughts on “Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm review

  1. the doro easyphone
    The easyphone range is very good but also can be confusing for some older people. I have found the Emporia Lite to be one of the better simple phones on the market.

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