"Don't stop me now" A missed opportunity (UK)

In an apparently classical case of one hand not knowing what another hand has done before it (otherwise known as ‘corporate memory loss’) Don’t stop me now – Preparing for an ageing population, (the latest report by the Audit Commission which raises alarm bells about the unpreparedness of English councils to deal with the rising tide of older people) has only one passing reference to telecare – and that in an example box.

It does not even reference the Audit Commission’s own 2004 report on telecare which, unfortunately, was entitled Assistive Technology. I suppose four years is a long time in these days of organisational churn but, owing to this glaring omission, I give this report a miserable 2 out of 10. The 2 points are actually for the accompanying demographic maps. (They would have got 3 except the map you have to hover the mouse over for information only works with the Internet Explorer browser. Update – AC tells me this will be fixed in a few weeks.)

Press release for an introduction.

Access to report and maps.

The 2004 telecare report.