Dishman's long riff on proposed ACO rules (US)

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To judge from the blogs, press and within the industry, the Accountable Care Organization (ACO)–that loose term for a group of care providers folding in physician practices/groups, hospitals, home care providers and whatnot–is the Promised Land for eHealth and integrated telehealth providers. Eric Dishman of Intel blogs his initial analysis of the 428-page HHS rules for ACOs and the Medicare Shared Savings Program (SSP) for a minimum of 5000 Medicare patients. Of particular interest is the proposed rule language on page 25, notably the emphasis on home care, reminders and using data to keep patients healthy. Mr. Dishman approves…but Ed. Donna is always wary of top-down solutions that come from Washington and the hopes of some that they will remake the world in 428 pages, without a Catch-22 in sight. Early thoughts on proposed ACO rules (Healthcare @ Intel)