Dishing it out on mHealth hype

In his latest blog post Eric Dishman reveals more of the man behind the Intel healthcare empire (or mini-empire, depending on your perspective). He’s commenting on the bandwagon that is ‘mHealth’,with its rag-bag of definitions and puts in a plea for some ‘old school’ rigor when it comes to evidence of effectiveness. “…not every mHealth application or service requires a randomized, clinical trial to prove its worth, but some kind of evidence is warranted.”. The Hype and Hope of “mHealth”.

[Ed. Donna for Steve:  Do read David Doherty’s comment which links to his lengthy blog post–your holiday reading–for a contrarian view on Mr. Dishman and Intel.]

1 thought on “Dishing it out on mHealth hype

  1. The hype and hope of Intel Health’s product portfolio…
    Hi Steve, You might like to check out my detailed (read: long and boring) response to Eric’s post: I think you’ll agree it’s easy to appreciate his perspectives when you consider the rather disappointing, expensive and already outdated products being marketed by Intel Health.

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