DH's ham-fisted block of WSD results (UK)

An exclusive in the other (non-Pulse) source of information for UK GPs, GP Online tells how Department of Health (DH) officials clumsily used a Freedom of Information get-out clause to prevent GP Online from getting its hands on the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) results ahead of publication in the BMJ. Instead of just admitting that they were bound by the convention of waiting and waiting for peer reviewed journals to publish such studies so that the academics can get their brownie points, the Department claimed that they could not release them because they relate to the “formulation of Government policy”! So does that mean they will prohibit the BMJ from publishing them? Don’t be silly! Read it and… Exclusive: GPs demand telecare savings evidence (don’t miss the comments) followed by How the DH blocked the evidence for telecare savings.