DHCN (ex-CSIP) April Telecare eNewsletter published

Categories: Latest News.

DH Care Networks, into which parts of CSIP have now been absorbed continues publication of the Telecare eNewsletter, April’s being published yesterday. It’s been a slow month all round, as you can tell when you check out the old, tenuous references to telecare in a November 2007 Department of Health document made topical because it is ‘guidance’ to councils on preparing for a flu pandemic. Whoever thought that including references to ‘community alarms, telecare and grab rails’ in such a document would make a difference when a pandemic strikes obviously just wanted to be able to claim that they had covered all angles.

It would be interesting to know if any councils are including their telecare provision as part of the pandemic preparation plans they have been preparing since this guidance was issued.

The other item to note is that there are a few reserve places left for the next public Whole System Demonstrator event on 11 June in Leeds.

Download the PDF version of the newsletter here.