Despite growth, is telehealth on track?

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Short piece by John Farrell in his Mobility Blog on MobileHealthWatch contends that it is. Perhaps it’s the end of a long day (and near end of a long week) for Ed. Donna in the telehealth wars, but his reasons cited feel like the crest of a really gorgeous wave…that hits an outside sandbar and breaks up into mush before it reaches shore. Perhaps the patient-centric model of care will drag the reimbursement along with it–perhaps it will become less about the devices and hubs as to how the information can integrate into care management which then proves improved outcomes and cost savings in large-scale peer-reviewed studies. There are indicators that on both sides of the Atlantic that the thought and practices trend is moving that way.


  1. Leon Feigenbaum

    Peripherals and hubs are going the way of white under garments – they are commodity items. Compliance is the main focus at present – needed to ensure reimbursement.

    The main thrust, going forward, will be clinical intelligence and how to demonstrate the ROI.