Denmark: Telehealth adoption "on an unprecedented scale"

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Eric Wicklund, Editor, mHIMSS, follows the Continua Alliance’s line that the plans for large-scale adoption of telehealth monitoring (sometimes referred to in the article as ‘telemedicine’ and ‘telemedical monitoring’) is due to adoption of the Alliance’s connectivity standards. Hmm…one suspects there is more to it than that! Whisper it quietly in the US, but even in the article part of the success is ascribed to the structure of the Danish healthcare system: “One cannot hope that the market alone can push the use of telehealth into care practice,” said Fabienne Abadie, a scientific officer at the [European Commission’s Joint Research Center]… “A good model of governance, at regional or national level, is crucial to support telehealth in order to reap the benefits it offers.” Denmark agrees to follow Continua guidelines on telemedicine. mHIMSS.