Crowdfunding catching on for healthcare (US)

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Back when the weather was warm, we reported on MedStartr as the first crowdfunding platform for healthcare [TA 30 July] and how startups can use it to their advantage. In fact, MedStartr crowdfunded its own party project, Healthcare Revolution: SF, during the Health 2.0 National conference in San Francisco (Monday 8 Oct at 7pm PT–RSVP here, or follow it on HealthGeek.TV, Twitter #MedStartr). More than a party, startups and rampups can display and pitch at the event. And surely as autumn has arrived in NYC, MedStartr has a Left Coast competitor called Health Tech Hatch being announced at Health 2.0 today. MedStartr honcho Alex Fair invited them to co-sponsor (and crowdfund) the event, well knowing that competition validates and popularizes the concept (Aetna, Verizon and GE Healthyimagination are as well). HTH release.