Buying cost effective telehealth services in Northern Ireland

Alere Connected Health has released results from the service its newly-acquired Home Telehealth Limited has been providing to over 1000 people with long term conditions in Belfast during the past three years. [Hmm…Northern Ireland…three years…that sounds familiar…] The upshot is that they have demonstrated in a non-pilot environment that it is possible not only to deliver a service that is appreciated by patients but one that gives a clear and substantial return on investment.

People who would like to know more are invited to:

  1. Download a presentation as a PDF (1.5MB). (See 112% ROI results using health trust data, page 13 onwards.)
  2. Watch a video. (The patient testimonial half way through is particularly good.)
  3. Attend How to deliver telehealth programmes…that work! in London or Manchester, and possibly Dublin, next month. Email Stuart Cassey, Alere’s Commercial Manager to express an interest.

1 thought on “Buying cost effective telehealth services in Northern Ireland

  1. It looks as though the ROI calcualtions are based on estimated preventions in the groups being managed in the technology. Is there any data to show whether the level of unscheduled admissions to local hospitals for people with the conditions examined reduced locally? If not, costs to the system as a whole have not been reduced. Its an important question to any commissioner when considering ROI – are we targeting interventions at the right people?

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