Continua's certified products list

I suppose that ‘certified’ is much more widely used in the US to mean ‘approved’ than it is in the UK where its strong association with ‘certified insane’ (in old speak) means that it is much less widely used except in a jocular manner. At least we can be grateful that the Continua Alliance is not calling products that meet its approval standard ‘certificated’. So, here’s a link to the latest of Continua’s certified products (currently the Panasonic Toughbook H1 Health.) See the left hand sidebar for a list of the rest.

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  1. ‘Two countries separated by a common language’

    Just another example–in US we more commonly use the adjective form ‘certifiable’ for insane, but it’s now the secondary usage (Free Dictionary, Webster’s) and in my observation, not quite archaic but getting there. I’m sure that Continua will use ‘certifiable’ at some point.

    Off topic but enjoyable: a blog by an American linguist who lives in the UK on the subject above: Separated by a common language

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