Connected Health Symposium: In the news

Recent and post-meeting news coverage on companies and featured speakers from the Connected Health Symposium:

  • Integrating personal data and health information, Keas is a web tool that creates tailored health plans for individuals.  Their CEO, Adam Bosworth, led a networking break on Thursday.  Dr. John Halamka, quoted in the article, was part of the general session panel Thursday morning.  New York Times article.
  • Connecting multiple devices, VenaHub from Cambridge Consultants launched at CHS.  It captures data from wireless devices, plugs into the USB port of a PC and via a web application, creates a customized online health information portal.  Release
  • Coordinating doctor and patient, MycaHub integrates EMRs, documentation and links doctor and patient online and offline.  Hello Health is their primary care practice management platform.  Interview with Don Jones, Qualcomm’s VP of Business Development for their Health and Life Sciences Group (who spoke on the Remote Monitoring in 2014 panel)
  • More on Verizon’s healthcare offerings and partners from the marketing materials they distributed at Accelerating Interoperability in this article.
  • Finally, ‘aphorisms’ from many of the speakers at CHS, courtesy of mobihealthnews and….
  • A tip of the hat to Laurie Orlov’s Aging In Place Technology for her views of the Symposium.