Coast and Country HomeCall (UK)

Why a post featuring two press releases from Coast and Country HomeCall, a relatively small UK telecare provider? As regular readers know, I frequently complain about mind-numbing, jargon-laden, press releases full of company puffery so it is a pleasant change to be able to point out that these are not that. The first, Homecall Helps Epilepsy Sufferer Live Life, starts by focusing on an individual user and the benefit that telecare has brought him. The second, Homecall Launches New Dementia Support Partnership, is interesting for industry-watchers because Coast and Country is the first we have heard of to have introduced the ‘St Bernard’ person tracking service from Halliday James (PDF info) that was launched at the TSA conference 11 months ago. When Coast and Country upgraded its monitoring centre equipment back in January (TA item), it announced that the intention was to ‘introduce innovative services’. From the evidence of these press releases these were not the empty words we have become used to so often.

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  1. Coast and Country HomeCall UK

    As well as being clearly written, it’s beautiful to see an “Innovative solution” (albeit a pendant!) improving quality-of-life at a practical level.

    This is what it’s all about!

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