Challenges to data security in internet medical device information links

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“The growing interoperability between medical devices and electronic medical records gives rise to new opportunities in the transmittal and collection of vital medical data. New vulnerabilities arise as well.” Thoughtful round-up of some of the downsides of internet-based data transmission. Healthcare Law Blog.


  1. David carter

    As most devices use embedded firmware not an OS( e.g. XP etc) then they are better protected from worms etc. It would be near to impossible to write a worm to taget a device.

  2. David Carter

    Devices and data

    Also none of the Telehealth units at present on the market contain personal data. e.g. intercepting data would not show the users name. The units just transmit readings taken from devices which is of use to no one who intercepts it.

    Also all of the data is encrypted. So basically a belt, braces approach.