Can broadband save healthcare? The FCC thinks so! (US)

“What’s wrong with that picture is everything you don’t see: How or whether the specialist was compensated for his time, the time and money it took to create video- and data-sharing capabilities between the two hospitals, the fact that hospitals that share data in this manner have to agree upon a compatible platform, and the number of hospitals that aren’t spending the time and money on this type of program, just for starters.”

Broadband access doesn’t magically alleviate physician shortages either.  Or cut through the thicket of regulations that haven’t kept pace with technology–for instance magically clarifying the jurisdiction of smartphone medical apps with the FDA or e-prescribing with the DEA.  And there’s a whole alphabet soup of agencies with vested interests–as well as Congress.  She sees communication, cooperation and buy in from providers and others as only the start before broadband and eHealth can save healthcare. [Given this, I wonder.  More years of going sideways?–Donna] HealthLeaders Media.