Britain lags behind in the telemedicine revolution

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This editor (Steve) did not get the physical version of the UK’s Independent on Sunday: perhaps any reader that did can let us know if the online version of the Britain lags behind in the telemedicine revolution article is a cut-down version. It seems clunky enough to indicate that it may have lost something in editing. That said, it is good to see issues around telehealth getting an airing in the national press, undoubtedly inspired by the recent 2020health report [TA item] and to also see a reference to TA contributor Victor Patterson. Whatever the strengths and weaknesses of the article, one cannot disagree with its tagline “It saves lives and money, and patients like it. So why isn’t the NHS taking it up?” Read it here.


  1. Christine

    Article in Independent on Sunday

    This is the full article – minus the photos. It was also on the back of the recent RSM Conference (13/14 Dec) entitled eHealth and Telemed 2010: Evidence in Action.

    [Thanks Christine! Ed. Steve]