Bosch Healthcare in US: a change at the top

Based on what Ed. Steve saw at TSA [TA 16 Nov] and Ed. Donna’s observations on Robert Bosch Healthcare’s recent activity in the US [TA 17 Nov], this Bosch Healthcare announcement counts as ‘shoe drop #4’: (Bosch) ‘…announced the appointment of Dr. Jasper zu Putlitz as president effective January 2011. Dr. zu Putlitz will lead the Bosch Healthcare division from its Palo Alto, CA headquarters and will succeed Derek Newell, who is leaving the organization to pursue other opportunities.’ Mr. Newell was formerly CEO of Health Hero Network, developer of Health Buddy, acquired by Bosch in 2008. According to the German release, Dr. zu Putlitz, age 47, has an M.D. degree and practiced in both German hospitals and ‘Harvard University hospital’ (Mass General?) prior to becoming a partner with McKinsey & Company in Germany. Also this interesting shoe-drop quote: ‘Bosch, a supplier of technology and services, sees telemedicine as a strategic business field that should be expanded in light of demographic change.’ Release (Bosch Germany press site)

2 thoughts on “Bosch Healthcare in US: a change at the top

  1. Bosch: a change at the top

    A shoe drop quote indeed; but what size shoe?

    Come-on TA editors, dish the dirt!

  2. Bosch, shoes and ‘Dragnet’
    When we have more to serve up, we will!  TA is like ‘Dragnet’ (just the facts) but both those and timing can arrange into interesting patterns and help us determine what size the shoe. The clues will lead us on…we’ll endeavor to track Bosch’s future developments, which will undoubtedly be better publicized than in the past.

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