6 thoughts on “Bosch acquires ViTel Net

  1. Confirmation of acquisition
    The acquisition of ViTel Net by Bosch is announced with a press release on the Health Hero website.

    [Thanks, Frank. Health Hero is, of course, owned by Bosch. Steve]

  2. Confirming Bosch Acquisition of ViTel Net

    On the Bosch USA website.

    However same website does not list home healthcare (Healthcare Telemedicine) as a product line. One wonders why a company so well known in automotive and electronics (Blaupunkt and appliances) is dipping a very tentative toe outside its home country in something so totally different.

  3. Why Bosch is doing more than dipping a tentative toe….

    Hi Donna,

    Bosch has established itself as the world leader in the manufacture of MEMS (micro-electrical-mechanical systems) sensors since 1995 (annual production volumes now exceed 200 million)

    MEMS sensors include mechanical functional elements such as springs, beams, weights, or membranes in the form of fine silicon structures just thousandths of a millimeter thick. They are used to measure physical variables such as pressure, acceleration, yaw-rate, flow quantity, or gas composition accurately and reliably. Highly integrated electronic circuits preprocess the fine sensor signals and transmit them to control units for further processing.

    MEMS sensors will be key to future mHealth innovation as these little (3×3×0.9 mm) low power devices have the requirements needed for low cost pervasive always-on monitoring roles.

    Check out Fullpower.com – a company that is having considerable success in the integration of MEMS into cellphones – for some ideas about the direction this is heading…

  4. More than a tentative toe, indeed
    Thanks for the background–it now makes sense. Will check out fullpower.com. As a marketer I look for how Bosch is communicating the channel–looks like a stealthy strategy until they further develop it.

  5. Vitelnet
    I’m a care coordinator with the VA and we used Vitelnet stuff until it broke all the time.

  6. Mobile Sensor Leader
    I have done much investigation and you are correct, Fullpower technologies is the leader for MEMS-based solutions in this space with their MotionX platform. This is a very focused company. That is all that they do.

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