BioSign to launch the Cloud Diagnostics brand (Canada)

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In a ‘we have another client’ press release, the marketing consulting firm Linus Group is flagging up that Canadian health monitor company BioSign is going to start to promote a new service dubbed ‘Cloud Diagnostics’.  According to the press release writer, Dr. Scott Jenkins, BioSign CEO, says “Collecting health information from our non-invasive devices, using the cloud to validate & [sic] analysis [sic] the data, and making the data available to the patients & [sic] their circle of care, is the future of healthcare”. BioSign to Launch the Cloud Diagnostics Brand press release.

[It’s a MEGO press release (‘my eyes glaze over’) but one assumes that the use of the language of technologists, rather than plain English, is not an area of contention between BioSign and Linus. In fact the text under the pitch video on the Linus home page boasts that Linus “creates demand…based on the psychology of scientists.”  ‘Nough said! Ed. Steve]