Astounding naivety of DH civil servants (UK)

It is great that they want to publicise the contribution that telecare and telehealth can make to the management of people with long term conditions, and page 27 starts off with information about the Department’s Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) programme and continues on page 28 with a piece about 3millionlives (3ML), and flows on to examples of the benefits of telehealth on page 29. Page 31 has a piece about telehealth and self-care in Cornwall. All very fine and appropriate.

But…sitting right in the middle of that section is nothing less than a one-page advertorial for Bristol-based Telecare Technology’s ‘reassurance and reminder’ service. It would have been understandable and appropriate if they had wanted to promote phone-based reminder services in general, but to include the claims of the marketing material of one company and to name it in the headline is naive almost beyond belief.

I can hear the phones of Telecare Technology’s competitors’ solicitors ringing as I write.

The least DH should do is take down and re-write the document immediately. And while they are at it, they should get someone who understands the correct capitalisation of ‘telecare’ and ‘telehealth’ to proof read the document and they should also note that telecare and telehealth can hardly be described as ’emerging technologies’ any more!

3 thoughts on “Astounding naivety of DH civil servants (UK)

  1. But it only costs £2 per week, and it ‘supplements’ existing Telehealth platforms, what’s the harm in promoting them………..

    You are totally right. It justs shows the level of ignorance that surrounds ‘these emerging technologies’ which goes into the heart of the DH. Not just promoted but the whole of Page 31 reads like a press release/sales document. They are a .com – it kind of gives itself away

    I am pretty sure they will amend this or in the 4th ed it will be twice as long with an advert on every other page.

    All the document now needs is a reference to Telehealthcare.

  2. The minister should make it clear that there are many providers that have innovative products and offer choice. This is particularly important as the best results will come with tailoring services to the individual and not all systems are flexible or suited.

  3. Well done DH – we read, we commented – you listened. Marvellous.

    But sorry to the company who had an amazing publicity opportunity – for a week at least. They will have to change the link they have on their LTC Compendium page as it no longer works. also the wording ‘Telecare Technology has been included in the compendium under emerging technology – telecare & telehealth (on page 30).’

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