'Ambient assisted living' in Europe

Sensor-based and M2M technologies in European trials (one cutely named MonAMI) are working together to find their market. Forty developers of ‘ambient assisted living’ devices, such as DoorSure, WindowSure (doors and windows open/unlocked), AppSure (kettle or cooker on) and SUREZone (notification), have banded together into the AAL Open Association (AALOA). Their solutions track along the lines of Intel’s FutureLab work. The writer of the article does rhapsodize about the M2M Pictowatch by the Dutch technology company Beeldhorloge, which was designed for people with dyschrony who are unable to tell time, but could also be used by people with dementia or other cognitive impairments. Another from the always interesting HealthWorks Collective: Person-Centered HealthCare: Connecting Homes and People to Improve Lives