AllOne Mobile seeking to cancel license with security provider

Diversinet, a company that provides the security platforms for AllOne Mobile’s health information services, announced that AllOne–not them–filed to terminate their relationship with a payment of $3 million.  Just last September, the two companies signed a five-year agreement, giving AllOne exclusivity in mobile health (with option to terminate after year 3 in 2011).  But this agreement, surfaced by Brian Dolan at Mobihealthnews, also lists substantially higher payments scheduled to date.  What is even odder is that AllOne Mobile’s parent, AllOne Health, owns 15% of Diversinet.  AllOne Mobile has gained traction with their relationships:  the US Army for a mobile care pilot for wounded veterans (our article), Significa Insurance Group, Erin Group Administrators, plus partnerships with Microsoft HealthVault, MedFlash, and Clickatell.  This editor’s been impressed by AllOne Mobile’s progress; their parent is the only health management firm that’s placed a big bet on mobile, a gutsy move for a smaller player in a challenged sector as corporate benefit managers cut back.  But the puzzle is:  what happened in only a few months, especially when Diversinet provides a critical part of AllOne Mobile’s service, and there is a corporate ownership tie?