Alertacall offer to councils – further information

Last Friday we picked up and posted information about an Alertacall press release and contacted the company to find out more. We were given the username and password for access to the councils’ site which contains details of the proposal. It is interesting reading.

In short, Alertacall is offering to help councils to meet half the population target they are supposed to contribute to the national total of 160,000 people to benefit from telecare, for a cost equivalent to just 4% of their Preventative Technology Grant. The proposal is that this will go a long way on the preventative front and will, at the same time, increase the relative amount available to spend on the other people in whom councils want to invest their PTG funding.

The Alertacall system is at the ‘low sophistication’ end of the telecare spectrum – hence its low cost – but, we suspect, meets a real need for many of the more independent older and disabled people and their relatives.

Alertacall seems to have provided lots of support materials on its site to help councils implement a publicity campaign. However, our readers can judge for themselves, as we have been given permission to make the site username and password available to you.

Follow this link and note the username and password before clicking on the button.