Alere's acquisition of HTL will change the telehealth market

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(which, under its previous name of Inverness Medical Innovations, spent years building deep relationships with healthcare organisations in many countries) currently has more patients in remote patient monitoring programs in the USA than the Veterans Administration, plus some 10,000 more such patients in Germany, AND over 1.5 million people receiving health management programmes via their medical call centre operations. Adding Home Telehealth Limited’s experience and presence in the UK’s telehealth monitoring scene to its portfolio looks like a smart move that will springboard Alere into an even stronger telehealth market position. Readers may also like to note that Alere does not manufacture monitoring devices…this is good news for the companies that do, as they now have an even larger potential customer.

[Ed. Donna] More on Alere: marketing agreement with AirStrip OB for home health distribution through Alere’s Women’s and Children’s Health division which manages high-risk pregnant women’s health. TA 3 Sep 10

[Disclosure: HTL has been a Telecare Aware advertiser]


  1. sharon

    Alere has a substantial track record providing disease management and case management services. But I would not confuse remote monitoring i.e. patients self monitoring at home and then phoning or e-mailing those results to Alere with telehealth.

    • Steve Hards, Editor

      In what way, in your view, is remote monitoring not telehealth? Would you like to clarify?

  2. Buzz Lightyear

    The contract in NI health Trusts did not go to Alere/HTL, instead Tunstall-FOLD got it. Guess their support costs were too high.

  3. Steve Hards, Editor

    Alere was never in the bidding for that. In the end it came down to BT and TF3 (Tunstall/Fold/S3) but BT had already blown its chances by seeking an alternative partner to HTL some time before Alere snapped it up.

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