AirStrip gains investment, monitoring tech integration with Qualcomm

Qualcomm’s bets on wireless health are multiplying, with AirStrip Technologies receiving not only a strategic investment (amount undisclosed) from Qualcomm Life Fund, but in return a bit of a redirect. AirStrip has been best known for its software which sends information directly from hospital monitoring systems (obstetrics, cardiology) and general monitoring/EHRs to a clinician’s smartphone or tablet. The new alliance with Qualcomm Life appears to place this clinical software into home health monitoring, integrating it with the Qualcomm 2net hub platform for post-discharge congestive heart failure (CHF) patients to reduce readmission rates and lower healthcare costs. What appears to be ‘ho-hum, here’s another back end for a home hub’, Ed. Donna suspects not: Qualcomm is clearly thinking integration in a hospital/large practice ACO environment, leveraging established clinical-grade monitoring into the home. AirStrip release.