Converging telecare and telehealth device

blue-watchA Reston, VA company with the interesting name of AFrame Digital has been developing, rather quietly for the past three years or so, a flat, sensor-based watch/monitor wristband/clip (MobileCare Monitor) that reports in-the-home activity, location and vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, weight, location and activity), including fall detection. However this ‘under the radar’ situation seems to be ending.  In February they announced their participation in a National Institutes on Health/National Institute on Aging (NIA/NIH) study at Florida State University/Pepper Institute on Aging.  This week they announced a contract from an initiative of California State University at San Bernadino, CCAT, to help transition their device into military and civilian markets.  Like much of their backing, the CSU study is funded by the US Navy–they have also been supported by DARPA and are working closely with Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Brooke Army Medical Center to develop biometric modeling. NIA/NIH release. CSU-CCAT release.