A dizzying interview with Eric Dishman

Healthcare IT News has a Q&A–mostly A–with Intel’s Digital Health Group’s Eric Dishman. The absolutely correct point he makes is that the care model and the engaged patient come first, then the IT tools. Dishman also derides the mHealth hype as premature at best (65,000 health apps, maybe two used continuously). But then the second half veers away from patient engagement into opining on dead PHRs (Google Health replaced by social media-based PHRs like Dossia, spun off from Intel), WebMD (well-trafficked but with a faltering business model), a side plug for Care Innovations, how China’s healthcare grid will be better because it won’t be connected into hospitals and “gray technologies for global aging” in Rio. Maybe it’s just the late hour posting for Editor Donna, but if you like disjointed interviews, you’ll love this one. Q&A: Eric Dishman on patient engagement

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