3millionlives: Medilink's publicity for members (UK)

“To empower commissioning, 3ML will promote ‘do once and share’ commissioner guidance, based on existing best practice that’s relevant to key patient cohorts, for example, toolkits and template contract specifications. Accrediting services by established bodies such as NICE will be pursued to guide patients and commissioners to the best services.” Accrediting services? A TSA agenda, maybe?

“Industry will be providing both financial and in kind contributions to support the development of the campaign. The industry associations have made financial and resource contributions in order to represent the smaller organisations who can’t afford the time or the resource – this ensures their voice is included.” Tony Davis, Chairman of Medilink UK. Brilliant double-speak! It sounds like the small guys will have a place at the table, but read it carefully – they are only ‘represented’ through those industry associations.

“The business case for adopting telehealth technologies has finally been made.” (Under the headline.) How heartwarming in the light of the current row about the WSD trial results.