3millionlives: Industry Event Update (UK)

There’s a brief report of the 29 February meeting on the 3millionlives (3ML) website (scroll down), including slides from the presentations. “Over 50 companies were represented…A lively Q and A session stimulated lots of debate on governance of the campaign, the financial commitment sought, and the outline business plan”. The slides set out 7 work areas on which the Leadership Group wants support to develop. Oh, and it’s not a cartel (Slide 7). Good to know that’s official! So on what basis will small companies be able to use the 3ML logo without a large financial commitment?

In the meantime, Nick Goodwin, a senior fellow in health policy at the King’s Fund, agitating for the publication of the full WSD results has pointed out that not having them will undermine the ability of 3ML to deliver. NHS telehealth ‘could go wrong’ without full trial transparency.