200 million mHealth applications in use, 70% interested in paying for them

triple by 2012 to 600 million, and there will be huge–70%–consumer demand and willingness to pay. Technology and telecom providers are in their view ideally positioned to develop and market the applications–and large countries with limited healthcare are most interested. Releases (Business Wire, PR Newswire) Hat tips to reader Boaz Babai in ‘News items submitted by readers’ #20–and Ed. Steve’s finding that the 44 page report will run you a frosty $3,495.

But what are the mHealth apps being developed and used? Developed–over 53% diabetes related, but most are hypertension/blood pressure management. However only 10 for chronic conditions were in the top 537 ‘health and fitness’ apps in the Apple AppStore. Mobihealthnews pulls it all together for you in their ‘Fastest Growing’ report.