100-yr-old watched her daughter die (India)

Not telecare, but it ought to be, somewhere…100-year-old Flame Drake lay helplessly in bed while her daughter died of a cardiac arrest in the same room. Neither the death or the distressed and dehydrated mother were discovered for two days. Old-age homes in the city [Mumbai] do not want to take her in. “We have no one to take care of her after 10 pm. We have locked the door for her own safety. She is anyway bedridden and can’t move,” Charles Duckworth, the manager of Christ Church, told Mumbai Mirror. Full story: Helpless church locks up 100-yr-old who watched her daughter slowly die.

1 thought on “100-yr-old watched her daughter die (India)

  1. It brings to mind the incident in England last year when a disabled woman starved alone after her mother died. [url]http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/aug/03/hertfordshire-mother-disabled-daughter-deaths[/url]

    It really brings home the need for technology which independently confirms that one is safe when, in an isolated situation, the cared-for person would be unable to raise an alarm if left alone.

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