Dr Topol will 'e' you now

Eric Topol, M.D., co-founder of the West Wireless Health Institute and researcher at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, demonstrates the power of ‘e’ for the San Diego Union-Tribune.  For the interviewer he successively whips out his iPhone to review vital signs and a GE Vscan ultrasound ECG that will replace the traditional stethoscope in his opinion.  It’s ‘magic’ that Dr. Topol feels within a few years we’ll all take for granted, like automatic door openers in buildings.   But…will sensors feeding data to our (personal) smartphones turn us into ‘e-hypochondriacs’?  Will these devices be ‘TMI’ for physicians?  What about privacy and misuse of data?   And where else would you find out that he’s used wireless sleep monitoring to improve sleep and shortly will be testing his glucose continuously?  Interview.