Where's the humanity?

In Delaware, an 80 year-old woman who was unable to cope with her 82 year-old husband with dementia is prosecuted and found guilty of neglecting him. Woman Makes Husband Live At Junkyard

And before UK readers who have forgotten the recent incident of the 98 year-old lady in Southampton who was evicted for being a nuisance neighbour start to feel complacent, the Social Fund Commissioner’s Annual Report flags up that disabled people are being denied essential equipment that they need.

1 thought on “Where's the humanity?

  1. Maybe two demented people here…

    When you go to the original story at Delaware Online , it’s even worse.  Mrs. Wilson (the wife) could either be an evil Scrooge, as painted, or have early-stage dementia herself.  First, she represented herself, refusing counsel (which only a fool does on criminal charges!) and second, she checked Mr. Wilson out of the nursing home and denied her husband’s debilitated condition to all who would listen, saying that Mr. Wilson just needed to get back to work and he’d be fine!  (BTW the junkyard belonged to them.)  She was also obsessed with money.

    Mr. Wilson was clearly harmed, almost to death, but that the court did not order a mental status on Mrs. Wilson is almost equally unconscionable. Ten years in jail may be her comeuppance (and is a jail the place for an 80 year old woman?), but hopefully someone in the family, not a court-ordered guardian, will care for Mr. Wilson and the asset (the junkyard) which can generate the revenue to provide him with the care he will need.

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