What's in a (ehealth) name?

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Ivan Harrow on the Intel IT Galaxy blog has a piece about eHealth/telecare/telehealth/telemedicine terminology and invites comments. I’d have loved to do that but, despite registering on the site, cannot find any way to add a comment.  Read Ivan’s piece here.

[UPDATE Tuesday 10 November: The difficulty for registered users to post comments has now been fixed. So I’ve added my comment]


  1. Chris

    Commenting on ‘What’s in a name?’
    Maybe you should have tried .. tele-pathy ? Sorry :-) Made me smile, anyway.

  2. Chris Humphrey

    IT Galaxy Comments

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for alerting us that there was an issue preventing you from commenting on Ivan’s blog on the Intel® IT Galaxy UK site. It looks like there was a problem with the permissions on the site which is now fixed. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. As a registered member you should now be able to add your comments to the blog.

    Regards, Chris Humphrey (Intel UK)