A brief roundup: the World Economic Forum mHealth controversy

  • FierceMobileHealthcare:  Neil Versel’s ‘Editor’s Corner’ 22 and 29 June
  • Wireless Health on LinkedIn (group membership required)
  • YouTube compilation of public, prepared remarks (10 videos); grab a strong coffee for these, talking heads abound, not saying much.  Note that Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, is the chair of the ‘Global Agenda (!) Council on the Future of Mobile Communications and leading this.
  • San Diego Union-Tribune online coverage

This editor [Donna] on one hand welcomes the ‘old boys’ (Neil’s term) interest (where money follows), but like Neil I wonder if the Geneva-based WEF’s insularity by invitation and membership really can do justice to this young and fermenting space. Another agreement:  if US government officials, paid for by you and me, are invited, then the press should be.  But see the public remarks videos compiled on YouTube.  Look at the empty seats at the opening remarks. The real secret may be….it was really boring! And maybe not that silo-busting after all. Paul Sonnier could probably steer us to a San Diego bar where the talk is livelier, and the dress is casual!