Tuesday 'short subjects'

  • Verizon steps into mobile health apps with PBM partnership. Partnering with its own pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), Medco, the smartphone app focuses on educating members on drug costs in a Medco plan and providing lower-cost alternatives, as well as the usual reminders and interaction warnings. Initially for Verizon employees but eventually will be marketed to Medco’s 100 million customers, mystifyingly the app is only for Android and BlackBerry, not iPhone yet. FierceMobileHealthcare article
  • Sensor company Gentag [TA 17 Dec] has developed an infection sensor using a skin patch that identifies two key indicators–tissue swelling and temperature. The embedded RFID chip transmits the data via NFC (near field communication) to the patient’s cell phone. In trials, target availability 2012. Compatible with everything other than iPhone. Post-op app helps patients monitor infections (FMH) Medgadget article.
  • Aetna launches limited-term diabetes texting. Members with Aetna medical, pharmacy and disease management benefits who sign up for the three-month trial receive short text-based messages on their mobile devices for education, screening and test reminders plus healthy lifestyle tips. HealthcareITNews