Toumaz launches something that's possibly interesting

The UK company Toumaz has launched the TZ1053 TELRAN. It could be important for telecare and telehealth companies but we won’t be sure unless, perhaps, a kind tech-savvy reader decodes the press release for us and draws out its implications. Please use the comment form. (Although it is just the beginning of the month, this is a strong contender for our ‘Incomprehensible Press Release of the Month Award’.)

1 thought on “Toumaz launches something that's possibly interesting

  1. I think you maybe need to schedule a briefing with them Steve?

    Perhaps a few short translations:

    “… create solutions for high-volume consumer markets …” = you will all be rushing to buy these by the box load

    “… and we are very excited by the product opportunities that we will be enabling for our customers…” = you just have to have thousands – they are wonderful; no really they are

    and turning these two back to Toumaz:

    “… two-way transmission of status data …” = Here’s feedback – We have not got the first clue what this document tells us

    “… expanding ‘Connected Consumer’ …” = well if you could expand our understanding of your fantastic newly launched product we might become ‘connected consumers’ I suppose

    Toumaz I am sure it is a wonderful product but the press release is a turn-off.

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