Tell Ecumen what you think of pendant alarms/medical alarms/PERS

Ecumen is conducting an online survey of people over 55 on behalf of a “group of PERS device companies [who] are looking for your input to design the next generation of this product”. Good grief! To mis-quote one of the UK’s ex-prime ministers, Sir John Major, ‘If the answer is more pendants, we are asking the wrong question!” A Personal Emergency Response System Designed by You (No closing date on the survey, but it is still open for you to tell them what you think.) Heads-up thanks to Toni Bunting.

(Ed. Donna note following Ed. Steve: I had quite a bit of contact with Ecumen during my three years at LIG/QuietCare, as they were our lead customer at the time. They are a faith-based non-profit and have 70 senior communities with a range of in-community and at-home services located in four states headquartered in Minnesota. They pride themselves on being a thought and practice leader in their care and if you look elsewhere on the ‘Changing Aging’ blog you’ll see some examples. So let them know what you think both in the survey and in the comment area!)