United Healthcare, Centura Health team for telemedicine in rural Colorado

United Healthcare and Centura Health, Colorado’s largest provider, announced a joint program, Connected Care, to connect specialists at hospitals in Denver, Pueblo and Littleton to four rural clinics in Colorado.  Both hospitals and clinics use audio, video and telehealth technologies such as digital stethoscopes and dermascopes.  Each clinic is staffed by a nurse or medical attendant and are projected to handle 4,800 patient visits per year in several areas of care including ear/nose/throat (ENT), gastroenterology, cardiology, critical care/pulmonology, neurosurgery, and pre- and post-surgery consultations. This is also the first stage of the Colorado Telehealth Network which will eventually cover 400 sites, and United Healthcare’s Connected Care which will extend to New Mexico and worksite clinics.  Government Health IT