Telemedcare in Taiwan

A belated, for which I apologise, addition to the stories about the Taiwan British Trade and Cultural Office UK-Taiwan International Telehealth Conference, 18 September.

Taiwan telecare conference 18 September 2007

Professor Celler has the microphone

Saneth Wijayaratna, Business and Strategy Manager for Telemedcare, part of the UK team to visit Taiwan said “This is a really exciting time for Telemedcare. To be recognized as a leader in this field in a foreign market is fantastic achievement. The support from our British Trade & Cultural Office was second to none. Taiwan is an exceptional market as they have both a national and private healthcare service. They have some exciting business models to make Telehealth a mainstream service. We are very confident that our innovative technology and unique service models can play an important role in achieving this goal”. Read the press release on the Telemedcare website.