Telehealth Solutions Surgery Pod endorsed by EMIS (UK)

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I’m sorry to disappoint Star Trek fans, but this is ‘surgery’ as in ‘GP’s surgery’ (US: ‘doctor’s office’) and ‘Pod’ as in ‘iPod’ rather than ‘starship’ – but as there are no product photos on the Telehealth Solutions’ website, I can’t confirm this with 100% accuracy. It definitely should have been at CES 2008 if I’m wrong.

According to the Healthcare Equipment and Supplies magazine the Surgery Pod has just been accredited by EMIS for use with its LV software, a text-based clinical system used by about 5,000 GPs. The device, which Telehealth Solutions markets alongside its ‘Health Pod’ and ‘Home Pod’ saves GPs’ time by getting patients to taking vital sign readings and answer clinical questions before their consultation.