Telehealth saves the tattered fisc of California?

It’s a bit of a reach, but according to the Center for Connected Health Policy, one of the major plumpers for the Telehealth Advancement Act of 2011 (AB 415) [TA 11 Oct], the fiscal impact of the legislation on Medi-Cal (Medicaid) could be a major financial lift for this Golden-but-on-its-uppers-State. According to a report prepared for the CCHP by the Blue Sky Consulting Group (!), savings are estimated at:

  • Home monitoring of heart failure patients: $929 million/year
  • $2500 lifetime savings per diabetic patient by ‘store and forward’ telemedicine (teleoptometry) examinations for retinopathy, reducing disabling blindness
  • Telehealth monitoring of diabetic patients: $417 million/year

And this does not include generalized savings in home care, medical transportation costs, ER visits or stroke diagnosis. California needs every penny! CMIO article. CCHP/Blue Sky Consulting Grou–Fiscal Impact of AB 415.