Telehealth: boom and disruption vs. the 'brick wall' (US)

to reduce readmissions, improves health compliance by patients and quality of life.  Increased simplicity has led to greater acceptability by healthcare professionals, families and older users.  Yet reimbursement remains the ‘brick wall’–the largest adopters of telehealth remain the Veterans Administration and the DOD, where it’s not an issue.

Will US government usage, ‘health reform’, enlightened insurance/wellness plans and private pay sustain these scrappy companies long enough to keep investors happy until reimbursement is sorted out?  Will the upstarts continue to best the consumer corporate behemoths as disruptive innovators do?  Here’s a precision 10,000 foot view by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn at iHealthBeat.  (This editor [Donna] is cheering for disruptive innovation–and the upstarts.)